Join Us in the 2019-2020 School-Year!

The Austringer revival efforts, which began in January 2018, quickly developed into a community of like-minded individuals, all bound by our interest and appreciation for creative writing and the arts.

The Austringer usually meets as a club on Mondays after school in room 313. We spend most of the time reviewing submissions. Each piece is reviewed 3 times by a different staff member, who votes “yes” or “no” on the piece, including comments justifying their decision. The accepted submissions are then slowly and thoughtfully curated with input from the entire group, taking into account interesting and thought-provoking connections between art and writing. Once we have made our final decisions, we then work towards design and layout for the publication. Each group member is free to contribute to meetings in whatever capacity he or she wishes.

While putting together the magazine is our primary task, the staff also enjoys drinking tea during our meetings, as well as listening to our favorite “coffeeshop” Spotify playlists. We enjoy a relaxed yet intellectual atmosphere, where a meeting of the minds can take place. All are welcome!

If you are interested in becoming involved with The Austringer, email Ms. Chaconas ([email protected]).