Spring Coffeehouse 2018

The Austringer’s inaugural coffeehouse/poetry reading was a huge success, with over 40 students in attendance, most of whom participated in the program of the evening. The coffeehouse was established in honor of Shakespeare’s birthday (April 23d) and April poetry month, as well as a celebration marker for the launch of the magazine, which was published online the same day. Students were invited to participate in 3 events, judged by faculty members of the English department, and awarded prizes for each event.

For readings by a known writer, Lauren Morris, ’18 won for her reading of Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s I am Waitinghttps://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/42869/i-am-waiting-56d22183d718a

For readings of an original piece, Hannah Yomi, ’21 won for her piece, Skin.

For Shakespeare-inspired writing, Keelin Ferris, ’18 won for her senior-year recap in Shakespearean language.

Three Students received honorable mentions for their readings of original writings: Arlene Ayuk, ’21, Alison McLure, ’18, and John Kish, ’18.

Thanks to everyone who attended and participated!

(above) students after the conclusion of the program

(above) the Falcon awaits for the next reader to step up to the podium

(above) Faculty judges: Ms. Kellerman, Ms. Bykowski, Ms. Chaconas, Ms. Silva, and Dr. Barker

(above) GC Student Arlene Ayuk reads an original poem

(above) students in attendance listen to a poetry reading

(above) students in attendance listen to a poetry reading